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Friday, May 11, 2012

Stitching in the month of Mayhem

Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog.

I made a bit of progress on LHN's Family Sampler and also thought I finished a little sal piece...until I looked at the picture and realized I was a little "off" on part of it.  That sneaky frog!  It won't take long to fix and since I'll be here by myself tonight, I hope to fix it then.

We had a storm come through here last night and here's the surprise I found backing out of my driveway this am.  Luckily the tree fell at just the best possible place and no damage was done to the neighbor's house and nobody was hurt.

 The month of May is always crazy with all of the end of the school year activities and this one is no different.  A friend of mine came up with the term Mayhem to describe it...and she's right.

  Last night was the final band concert for DS.  This is Honor Band year for his band in which they have 3 chances to perform their concert pieces and then the directors choose the best performances for each piece and then submit the recordings for judging on the state level.  The "nailed it" last night as far as I was concerned.  I hope the judges agree.

They performed last Sat. in Austin for another competition.  (As many years as I've had kids in band, I can't keep all the competitions straight.)  T came home saying they won 28 medals and dropped one on the kitchen table.  I assumed it was a medal they gave all the kids for competing but thought it was a lot nicer thn past competitions medals were.  I found out yesterday that he won an individual percussion medal and that his name is somewhere on a state (TX) music site for winning it.  (I'll have to do some digging to find out exactly what it means.)  He played a pretty "cool" timpani part on one of their pieces.  (I call it when he goes crazy on the timpani.) and I suspect that's where the judges noticed him.

There are a few more tests and activities yet to come for him/us.

Our DS attending UT has a big paper to turn in today and he'll be coming home for bit until summer session starts.  (Both he and our HS DS will be taking college classes this summer.  They count as dual credit for our HS DS.)

Everyone have a great week!  Happy Mother's Day!


Cathy Pavlovich said...

Yes, when my son was in school May and December were always the busy months. And your band stories bring back good memories of my son's time in band! Enjoy your Mother's Day!

Anonymous said...


Family Sampler is looking great and your SAL motif is so lovely.

Thank heavens that tree fell away from houses.

Congrats to your son for his medal and good luck for his future competitions.

Also good luck to your other son on his paper.
Have a great weekend.

Renee said...

The month of Mayhem has certainly begun!!! Your Family Sampler is looking great and I love the color of your house!! So glad that tree didn't hit any houses! What a shock I'm sure to see it down! Your SAL motif is so pretty!! I love that color!

Mouse said...

gosh just catching up and wow that was lucky with the tree .... hope you have done the wee bit of frogging :)
and wow with the medal .. hope you find the write up for it ....
love the sal it is ever so pretty :)
love mouse xxxxx