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Friday, May 25, 2012

A Frantic Friday

This week has been the last week of school and the last week of Eagle ceremony planning so it's been so hectic that I've hardly gotten in any stitching.  I did manage to put the finishing touches on LK's Ride a Bike but haven't had a chance to get a pic yet.

Today we have a lot of last minute cleaning, errand running, laundry, baking, and cooking to do.  I hope I can stay awake when everyone starts arriving.  My parents from OH and DD (lives in CA) arrive this evening and our son (lives in GA) arrives tomorrow afternoon.

One thing that DIDN'T help was the school's failure to communicate  an important change about exempting finals so that the most of the highly motivated students have been penalized.  I've already met with the principal several times about the school's shoddy attendance records...with NO results.  In fact the excuses I've heard so far would never, rightfully so, be accepted from students.  So I've scheduled meetings next week with both the principal (meeting number 4 and 2 emails, one unanswered, since mid April) and one of the school board members.  A BIG question I have is how do they expect their students to fulfill their responsibilities when the school doesn't fulfill theirs?  GRRRRR!

  Tomorrow will be especially crazy as my HS son and I will both be volunteering at the concession stand at graduation tomorrow night.

I'm thankful for all our servicemen and women through the years who've sacrificed so much for our freedoms and national security.

I hope everyone enjoys the Memorial Day weekend.


Susieq said...

Good Luck with your meeting, and have a safe and happy weekend.

Anonymous said...


Good luck for your interview with the school and have a lovely weekend!

Susan said...

Good luck with your meeting, the graudation and the Eagle ceremony - you sound like you have a busy week ahead of you!