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Friday, May 4, 2012

House almost "built"

Still working on LHN Family Sampler and I'm glad to say that the house is almost complete.  I'm getting a little tired of stitching with the blue.  As I may have mentioned, I changed the color of the house to resemble the house we built in MI.  The main blue is GAST Liberty and the dark blue on the door is GAST Freedom.

May "mayhem" has officially started with the end of the year activities at DS's school and band.  He's got lots of projects, papers, and tests coming up including his AP Chem next Monday.  The first marching band boot camp was Monday and went pretty well.  (2 more to go!)  His symphonic band is in the middle of Honor Band year with a concert last Tuesday and a trip today/tomorrow to Austin.  They have several activities planned in Austin and compete tomorrow afternoon.  I hope to figure out how to listen to their performance tomorrow online.  His brother, a UT student, will try to go listen to them tomorrow.  We're also busy planning for T's Eagle ceremony and our extra family that will be here for that.

So far today I've had a guy come over for a termite inspection.  We passed!  WOO HOO!  I did a bit of vacuuming and decluttering before he arrived and I've got 2 loads of laundry "going". DS also frantically texted me.  He'd printed off a 23 page Physics assignment due today and realized after he got to school that the first page didn't print very well.  Mom to the rescue!  (I'm hoping for that mom of the year designation.)    I printed and delivered it to him at school.  I have a long list of errands/chores but here I sit at the computer.  So I guess I should finish up here.

Everyone have a great week.


Mouse said...

ohhh well done on the sampler soo far ... love the house colour ...
well done on the supermum award to be :)
and sooo pleased you passed the termite inspection hate for those little beggers to get in your stash .... love mouse xxxx

Barb said...

I do like those shades of blue!!That is going to be a lovely sampler.

handmade said...

What a lovely house !!! it is going to be a beautiful sampler

Anonymous said...


I love your Family Sampler, it's looking great!

Your son sounds as if he will be busy, good luck to him for his Phsics assignment.

Glad you don't have any termites!

Susan said...

Good luck to your young Eagle scout - I know what a major accomplishment that is!

You are making great progress on your Family Sampler, Rita!