I only stitch on days that end in "y".

Friday, January 14, 2011


It's been a busy week but I have a slow day and an empty house today. That's nice every once in a while.

DS is on his way back to college. I'm thinking the respectful thing to do would to wait at least a day before converting it into my craft room....but I may take a few things up there today. ;-)

It's been unseasonable "cold" here this week. (I'm from the Midwest so this doesn't really qualify to be called cold but, oh well.) The am walks have been nice and I've enjoyed turning on my oven and making comfort food. Today it's already starting to warm up. Seize the moment, right?

I've been working on 3 things this week, a chocolate themed block for a block exchange (designer Casey B--can never spell her last name), my bap sampler, and LHN Winter Band Sampler. I'm "into" cardinals lately and this one just called to me. I may even finish and frame it before it's had time to properly "ripen".

Until next time..........


joyceclark said...

Enjoy the quiet time as it doesn't seem to last for long.
Love your stitching.
Your neighber, Joyce C F./Texas

Shari said...

LOVE the Casey B. piece....I stitched it year's ago, but wow, yours pops on that fabric!!!
Also love the LHN...too pretty!!!
enjoy your warm weather...oh, to take a walk outside!!!