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Friday, January 7, 2011

Back to Normal

I guess we're back to normal here...or OUR brand of normal, anyway.

I started off the week Monday evening by having my first band booster board meeting. 3 of us have been to the doc or dentist this week (more of that next week), DS and DH drove to Austin Wednesday to find DS an apt. for this semester. (He attended community college last semester and will go back to UT this semester. Unfortunately the deposit that was supposed to hold a dorm room for him DIDN'T hold a dorm room for him and we just found this out last week.) So between now and the end of next week we have to scramble and buy some stuff for his apt.
The Christmas decos are all packed and stowed away for another year, a big job b/c I like them packed away "just so".

Another DS is preparing for his upcoming solo ensemble (Jan. 29, the same day as the band's biggest fundraiser of the year, the Chili Supper/Silent Auction) and his Region Band clinic/concert is coming up next Fri/Sat. (same weekend his older brother moves back to college.) He also informed me the other day that he's been asked to the Belle Dance (his HS's version of a "Sadie Hawkins" dance so we'll probably be renting a tux for that.)

This world just keeps spinning faster and faster. lol! I love it, though.

On the stitching front, I started a Jan. 1 sal project, LHN's Winter Band Sampler and another sal BOAF's Love, an OOP chart I'm borrowing. I plan to get back to my bap sampler when one of these is finished.
I downloaded a freebie for my Kindle last weekend...The Winner's Manuual: For the Game of Life by Jim Tressel (GO BUCKS!). He describes the manual he's developed and uses with his players and has some very good advice for how we should all live our lives. It's so good that I bought a hard copy for my sons's to read. Funny story about that...I live in a small city in Texas. I was out yesterday and, even though I didn't think the small bookstore here would carry a book like that by the coach of Ohio State, I looked anyway. Imagine my surprise when I found one copy of it, yet there was no copy of a similar book by Mack Brown (the UT head fb coach. lol! Long story's a good book. Makes you think...and a good read for the beginning of the year when self-improvement is on all our minds.
Speaking of books...I'd like to start a blog list of books I'm reading with the ability to cross out the ones I've finished. I have no clue about how to do this so if anyone knows, please let me know.

Until next time, happy stitching!


requilt said...

You can just add a page to your current blog - your current blog will be the first page and it will be called Home
When you are on your blog go to the very top right corner and click on
Design-then click on
Posting (first tab-then click on
Edit pages (third/last tab)-then click on the top left big
Blue button says New Pages
Fill in the title (2011 Books or ?)
Now you have a window that is just like the box you type a new post in.
You can list the books you want to read and go back and edit them to a strikethrough font when you have finished reading them. When you have your list entered in the box click on the lower left button to Publish Page

Rita said...

Thank you for the help!