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Sunday, November 10, 2019

Camp Gottastitch, Alone in the Garden, PS Santas, Shingles Shot

Last weekend I attended Camp Gottastitch in beautiful Berlin, OH in the heart of Amish Country.  It was a treat to get to see the fall foliage in OH since we don't get that much of it here in SE Texas.

The retreat was great to get to stitch with friends and enjoy being fed.  lol!  The Amish cinnamon rolls the hotel provided us each morning were a special treat.  Yum!

I mostly worked on La D Da's Alone in the Garden which had been languishing in my stash unstitched for quite some time.  I was able to finish it on Friday which was almost sad because I enjoyed stitching it so much.  I used the called-for silks, a special treat, and used some dyed champagne fabric by Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe.

My friend, Vonna, did a Fiber Talk with Gary Parr while we were there and several of us "appeared" with what we were stitching.  Fun!

Friday I decided to go find some Prairie Schooler Santas I'd stitched.  I'd forgotten about the round robin I did years ago with 5 other stitchers...and some others I had tucked away with them.  It was a pleasant surprise to find them!  My plan back then was to make the RR ones into a wall hanging...which I still should do.  Some of the little ones need some more stitching to finish those and would make great ornaments.

I think my next cross stitch project will be a Prairie Schooler Chistmas design similar in size to the fall piece I just stitched.

DH and I had our second "date" to finish getting our shingles shots series yesterday.  Both of us have sore arms, achy muscles, fatigue, and headaches.  We also both had a low grade fever overnight.  I keep telling myself that these symptoms are far more tolerable than actually getting shingles.  (Our sweet neighbor had shingles recently and even had some in her eye.  It was scary for a while because she lost some vision but she's doing much better now.)

Happy stitching!

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