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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Oh, Baby!!

Our granddaughter has arrived!!  Of course she's the most beautiful baby I've ever seen.

My babies were all 8-9 lbs at birth (the last one was just over 9 pounds born 2 weeks before the due date!) so we were thinking she'd be a big baby, but she's a little "peanut" at just under 6.5 lbs.

Her first name comes from the street where my DD met our sweet SIL met (they feminized it) and they honored my mother by using part of her name for the middle name.

We haven't gotten to hold her yet (she lives a plane ride away) but will go see her soon.  She's precocious...already is using Facetime with us.  ;-)

I finished up the lettering on her birth "sampler" and took it to my framer Monday, asking if he thought he could get it finished before we leave to see her.  He's such a sweet man!  He put it at the top of his pile and finished it that afternoon for me.  The design is Gabrielle Rose by La D Da with a few changes I made.  DD prefers simple designs on things I stitch for her and I'd always wanted to stitch that design.

If that isn't exciting enough, DH is in the process of retiring at the end of this month.  His last day is March 31 and he'll enjoy a long weekend....before he goes to work Monday full time somewhere else.  lol!  If you knew him, you wouldn't be surprised by that.  He's very excited by what he'll be doing for the new job so I'm excited for him too.

Stitching has taken a back seat lately as you might imagine but I'll get back to it soon.

Happy stitching!



Congratulations Bet you can't wait to hold that grandbaby. I have always loved that design too

Mouse said...

awwww what a wee poppet and love the changes you have made to the sampler ... give her a cuddle from me too :) love mouse xxxx

Terri said...


Melinda said...

She is BEAUTIFUL. The little Hat is the best. Congrats!!!!!

Carol said...

Aww... she is just adorable! Congratulations, Rita--I'm sure you can hardly wait to hold her :) Your daughter will be thrilled with the beautiful sampler you made! Enjoy being a Grandma :)

Von said...

An adorable new granddaughter just waiting for you to come snuggle! Congratulations and I hope she's in your arms soon!