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Friday, March 4, 2016

A Trifecta (of stitching finishes)!

OK.  I'll admit to being a serial starter but once in a while it allows me to finish more than one thing in a short amount of time.  This week I finished 3 projects.  What a treat!

The first is February Calendar Girl by Little House Needleworks:

While putting her away with the other Calendar Girls, I noticed that I only lacked 3 French knots, her eyes (and my "signature") to finish January.  (I'd toyed with the idea of replacing the French knots with beads but changed my mind yesterday.)

I'm still behind on this series but I made a decent "dent" finishing these 2.  My plan is to finish stitching all of these before deciding (and starting) on the "finishing" of them.

While on a finishing roll, I picked up an autumn themed Prairie Schooler that I put down to work on Christmas things last year.  The Indian corn was a bit "fiddly" and most of the rest I had to do was backstitching.  That may have been another reason I put it down then.  I have visions of "finishing" it in a wreath like I saw on Priscilla's blog.  (If you haven't seen her blog, check it out for a real treat.)

 I even know where I'll hang it when it's finished.

No fancy cooking this week but I felt very old fashioned that day I made potatoes au gratin and chocolate pudding, both from scratch.  Both are so easy to make, I wonder why I ever bought box mixes for either of them.

We're still on Baby Watch and DD's due date is today.  For some reason, we're all thinking Baby will be a little late but no matter what, it won't be long now.  We're so excited to get to finally meet her!

Happy stitching!


Samplings from Spring Creek said...

You go girl--you are a lean mean stitching machine!

cucki said...

Wow so sweet x

Angela said...

Lovely finishes!