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Friday, January 15, 2016

A Couple of Smalls

I participate in a couple of ornament sal group blogs, one for Christmas and another for Halloween.  There's a theme for each month's ornaments and it's fun to see what others choose to stitch.

My Christmas choice (music theme) is from the PS 12 Days of Christmas leaflet.

I chose to stitch a bat from an old tantes zolder freebie for the "winged things" theme for the Halloween sal.

I hope to start a birth "sampler" for our first grandbaby who will be born in March.  I ordered some NPI silks and hope to start once they arrive.  I also want to stitch either a "welcome" or "home sweet home" designs for DD and DSIL because they just moved into their new house.  (They've had a LOT of changes in a short amount of time, wedding, a baby on the way, new house, and DSIL changed jobs.) 

January Calendar Girl is almost finished but now I'm rethinking how I want to stitch the eyes and mouth on each of them (cross stitches, French knots, or beads...I'm leaning towards beads if I can find the right colors and size).  I may just leave that part undone and continue stitching the other "girls" until I decide.I have an exchange block I need to stitch and I'm still mulling over what HIH (that's this month's theme) design to choose.

Also, I'd like to participate in a "One Day Wonder" sal.  This month's theme is snow.  Since I hurt my back (just a little) yesterday putting away Christmas bins and our DS is leaving to go back to college today, I think I'll declare this a stitching day and work on that one.

Speaking of Christmas bins, here's the progress (from the mess I posted last week):

I just have some greenery to pack in another bin and I'll be done.  (The goal is always to pack away Christmas before it's time to get it out again.  ;-)  )  I'll admit that my PS Christmas Village is still hanging and my snowman tree is still "up" but I leave them up through January.

We had some great health news when we went for DH's "big" post-op appointment on Wednesday.  All his tests indicate that the cancer is gone!  They'll monitor him closely, especially at first, to make sure it doesn't recur.  The surgeon was giving all his patients he saw that day a lottery ticket.  Ours didn't win but we think we won the "lottery" that REALLY counts. 

Happy stitching!


Yekaterina Haussler said...

So glad to hear that your DH is now healthy. Truly a Grand Prize!
Lovely stitching. I like your Piper. Winged bat is very ornate.
Thank you for sharing. Katya

cucki said...

So glad to know that your DH is feeling better.
Your stitching is looking so pretty
Love the piper and bat xx

stitchersanon said...

Congratulations on the all clear to your hubby: that is way better than any lottery. Lovely stitching xx