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Friday, October 16, 2015

October Calendar Girl, Santa, and PS

I'm still managing to keep up on stitching my one-per-month LHN Calendar Girls.  Here's October:

I've enjoyed stitching these little cuties so far and they're quick to stitch up.

I also stitched a little Foxwood Santa to mount onto one of those cute sleds (that I have ordered).  Someone twisted my arm to join in an ornament exchange...didn't take my arm-twisting.  I'm "finishing impaired" and then remembered those sleds...and the fact that I have almost a whole roll of stitchery tape I can use.

I finished frogging out my mistakes on the PS piece and made some progress:

The ragweed pollen counts are peaking here which means I'm spending more time inside stitching.  While I hate the effects of the ragweed allergy, who can complain about more stitching time?

I'm working on a new model too so my personal stitching will be taking a back seat for a while.

Happy stitching!


Joyce Clark Frank said...

I also love the calendar girls. great job on October and the other stitching. I just won one of the sled designs, just need to get the sleds.

Rita said...

Thanks! Enjoy making your sled ornament. They can be addicting, I think.