I only stitch on days that end in "y".

Friday, October 9, 2015

Cherish Life!

We received some shocking news at the beginning of this week.  A fairly young (middle aged) and apparently healthy fellow church member died in his sleep.  His wife has been battling a recurrence of breast cancer so we've all been very concerned about her.  It never dawned on us that he would be gone so soon.

Things like that make us slow down from our hectic lives and remember to cherish our loved ones.  We take so much for granted!!

On the stitching front....I was going gangbusters on my PS Seasons.  Here's the progress picture BEFORE I realized I'm "off" on quite a bit of it so have some frogging to do. (I blame trying to stitch while watching college football.) I was so frustrated that I put it down for a while to work on a Halloween ornament from JCS Halloween edition 2012.

Remember to hug your loved ones!

Happy stitching!


Susieq said...

I'm sorry about your friend, and yes we don't always slow down enough to thank God for all our blessings.

Carol said...

I'm so sorry to read about your fellow church member, Rita--it is always especially hard when someone young passes away like that...

Love your PS piece--I'm sure you'll be back on track with it very soon :)