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Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday already?

The week flew by this week for some reason!

Our "baby" son left to go back to school...after first staying a few days with some friends in College Station.  (He'll go back to Austin on Sunday.)

I enjoyed watching the Big Game Monday night to watch my Buckeyes win the National Championship.  The victory was especially sweet because of all the nay-sayers out there.  Also, because of injuries, we played out third string QB and it was only his third "start" for this game!  Amazing!  To celebrate, I made some buckeyes.  (Peanut butter mixture dipped in chocolate.)  DH took some to a meeting and I took some to choir practice.  It's a good's dangerous to be in the house alone with these.  Yum!!

Here's a picture of  real buckeyes:

While on the subject of food...I had the TV on one day and saw Ree (Pioneer Woman) making spinach soup.  Since we had a good bit of spinach left from another dish (DH makes a pasta dish with it.) I thought this might be a good way to use up the spinach.  It was tasty!  I'm claiming that it's good for you because of the spinach  (....and not talking about the butter, whole milk, cream, and cheese).  It was quick and easy to prepare too.  This recipe will be "a keeper" in my recipe file.

Here's a link to the recipe if you're interested:

Spinach Soup

On the stitching front:  I've been mostly concentrating on a model this week that, of course, I can't show.

I'm in a blog where we're stitching monthly Halloween ornaments with January's theme a witch.  I finally decided on a freebie by subrosa that's a little on the Prim side.  (I'm also in a Prim group...I like to stitch things that work for more than one of my groups.)  Not long ago I snagged a big bag of 25 count fabric.  I don't normally stitch on that count but thought it would be good for some over one projects so that's what I'm doing with this piece to make the design small enough to work as an ornament.  I like how it's turning out so far:

Last up:  here's my wip of a BBD freebie.  I was moved after the terror attacks in France to stitch an Eiffel Tower.

That's it for this week.  

Happy Stitching!


Deb said...

Ooohhhh! Those buckeyes look delicious! I couldn't be alone with those either.
Nice soup!
Cute stitching!

Catherine said...

Definitely a yum on the buckeyes, and yum ~ I'm going to have to try that soup!

Karen said...

Mmmmm buckeyes.

xs88fan said...

I have to admit I am not a big buckeye fan (the food, not the team, lol). Your stitching is beautiful. I can not wait to see the model.