I only stitch on days that end in "y".

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day!  I'm forever grateful to all who have served to keep us free. I hope everyone enjoys celebrating with family and friends.

I'm still model stitching but spent a little stitching time finishing LHN's All Is Calm.  I think I'll leave off the buttons but could change my mind sometime in the future.

On the food front, I tried a new (to me) recipe for a peach pie last week.  DH had bought some really good peaches from Central Market.  It was so good that I made another peach pie yesterday.

I'm still walking 5 mornings a week.  It's really getting hot but it feels so good to get some exercise.  The track I walk at the community college straddles 2 small cities and I chuckled the first time I saw these signs along the path:

We're also in the middle of getting some repairs done to the support for the bricks in front of our garage.  It seems the original builder miscalculated the load (or just wanted to cheap out) so we were starting to have some sagging.  It's not a "fun" project, let alone the expense but it will be good to have it done.  Next project, hopefully, will be some work on 2 bathrooms.

Happy stitching!


cucki said...

Beautiful stitching..
Enjoy your day x

Barb said...

A very cute little stitching project. that peach pie looks wonderful!