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Friday, July 11, 2014

Friday ramblings

It's another hot, humid week in Gulf Coast Texas and life goes on.  In addition to the heat/humidity we've been "blessed" with a fresh "hatching" of mosquitoes....which makes my morning walks SO pleasant (not!).  I had a check-up this week and the doc is pleased about my walking and the yoga.  I feel a lot better for exercising so I can't complain.

I took another brief break from model stitching to stitch up a little piece for an exchange...LHN's Country Christmas.  It's on its way but, of course, I like it so much that I'll be stitching another to keep for myself.

The model is a big one but it's coming right along.  It's a great design.

I'm also in RR where we're stitching hearts from the CHS design "Friendship Sampler".  The second one arrived yesterday so I'll be working on that too.

I've been debating myself for a long time about whether I'd like a laptop or a tablet...and whether or not I even needed either.  Since my birthday's coming up, I finally decided that I want an iPad (some of my family has Apple products and this would be our only Apple device, so far, anyway).  It arrived late Wednesday afternoon and already I'm wondering how I lived before I had it.  lol!  I've already downloaded a couple of apps (synced to my Kindle and Netflix accounts) and have ideas for different ways to use it in the future.  I still can't say I actually NEEDED it but when you're as old as I am, having a "toy" isn't such a bad thing.  We plan to Skype with our DS in Denmark this weekend so, since he doesn't have an Apple product, probably download Skype to my iPad.

No culinary adventures to share this week but I plan on baking some raspberry lemon squares that I found on Pinterest.  We're going out to play Rook tonight so it's a good excuse to bake something.

The saga of the garage repairs continues.  It's been like torturous having this work done bc what should have taken 2-3 days max is now almost finishing up the second week.  They come and work a couple of hours and then leave....and either I have to be here to open the garage door or leave with it open and unattended while I'm out.  Ugh!!!  I will be SO glad when this is finished!

I finished reading "Defending Jacob" (what a heartbreaking story!) and then got back to reading "Flags of Our Fathers" and finished it last night.  Now I want to watch John Wayne's "Sands of Iwo Jima".

DH plans an upcoming business trip to Boston and invited me to come along.  Since I've never been there, I decided to go.  Luckily we just happened to talk about this when there was a good sale on air fare.  Unfortunately I've been told that there are no LNS' there but I have a feeling there's plenty other things to do so it's all good.

Happy stitching!


cucki said...

Beautiful stitching..
Big hugs my dear xxx

Linda said...

Cute finish Rita.


Barb said...

Lovely stitching! You will love seeing Boston even with no stitching store. We walked the Freedom Trail very well worth it! I will never forget that experience.

Jackie said...

Lie you, I'm so ready for the heat and humidity to abate! Summer in Florida isn't my favorite time of the year.

I never thought I'd enjoy an IPad but I do! I have a mini and it easily and comfortably fits in my purse which is a big plus!

Vicky L said...

Boston is beautiful You will love it. Your stitching is looking good. Happy Birthday. Enjoy the Ipad!