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Friday, February 7, 2014

A framed finish!

I enjoyed stitching Hinzeit's Charmed Valentine and since it's so close to Valentine's Day, I took this one to my framer almost immediately instead of letting it "properly age" in a drawer first.  I love my framer!  Besides charging reasonable prices and doing a good job, he's very fast.  I took this too him one morning and by the time I'd gotten home from running errands, he'd already called and left a message that it was ready to pick up.

I made a little more progress on my LHN Elizabeth Hancock this week too:

I'm really enjoying this one.  My progress on this one will probably slow down for a while because I'll be concentrating on another model.

We're having some more unusually cool/cold weather here in Texas.  I'm enjoying it!  I made some more cheesy broccoli potato soup last night for dinner.  Yum!  The bonus is having good leftovers for lunch.

I finished reading another Patricia Cornwell book...Postmortem.  I know it's an older book, but new to me and I enjoyed reading it.

I heard that University of Texas canceled classes again bc of freezing and semi-freezing precip.  It's been an unusual year for sure.  They hardly ever cancel classes due to weather conditions and they've already canceled or delayed 3-4 days (I've lost count) this winter.

Everyone keep warm and safe!

Happy stitching!

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Kay said...

Wow - wish I lived by your framer! Very cute finish. I have 2 daughters that live in TX now, but as native Wisconsinites, they take the Texas "cold" in their stride, lol! Have a good weekend!