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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A little catch-up

I'm plugging right along on LHN Family Sampler....that is I was plugging right along until the weekend.  DS fell out of a tree Friday and broke a bone in his wrist.  Apparently one that is tricky to heal properly.  After seeing an ER doc and an orthopedic doc, we're off to see a hand surgeon today.

The timing is awful...percussion camp is this Thursday and full band camp starts next Monday.  We're not sure how long he'll be out of commission.

Speaking of band camp, in addition to his possible surgery, I volunteer a lot (like a full time job) with the band so I may be a bit scarce here on the blog.

Happy stitching!


Scattered Threads said...

Oh my goodness Rita. I hope your son won't be out for long and will have a rapid healing of his wrist.
Your sampler is looking beautiful.

Shari said...

oh no Rita...
let me guess.....this is his senior year too?! Am I right???
Sure hope the outcome of today's appt is better than you expect it to be...
will be praying for you all

cucki said...

oh no dear..i hope your son get well soon..
your sampler is so cute.
hugs xx

Joy said...

Looks great Rita!! Mine is collecting dust and is on my rotation list for September. Best wishes to your son.

JulieF1962 said...

I hope your son heals quickly.
Your sampler is beautiful!

Babs in Alabama said...

Hi Rita! So sorry about your son's fall and the surgery involved in repairing the break. Hope it will simpler than they think.
Yay on the scores and I really love your uncle sam :)

Nikki said...

Oh no Rita....I hope he heals quickly. Dare I ask what he was doing in the tree? Sending goods thought his and your way.


Barb said...

The sampler is looking wonderful! I hope your son does well and heals quickly!

Rita said...

Thanks, everyone!

His surgery went well but he'll be in a cast or spling for 8-10 weeks. He had a bit of pain yesterday but it was manageable. He even wanted to walk with me last night...about a mile.

Yes, Shari, it's his senior year and being unable to play his drum is the worst part of it for him.

Nikki, we asked him why he chose to climb the tree...he just had a sudden urge. (My guess is that he was showing off for his gf.)

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

Thinking of your son and I hope that he heals quickly.
I understand the band being a full time job (and on my end very little thanks)...