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Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Show n Tell

Thanks for all the nice comments about my stitching picture on the "header".  I'm a sucker for projects with personalization and this is one of my favorites that I've stitched.  It took a while for me to frame it and after I finally did, I wondered what took me so long. 

I have 2 finishes to show this week, the PS Woodland Santa (I want to stitch at least one more from that leaflet...someday) and a little cupcake freebie from The Floss Box.  I'm in a yahoo group in which we stitch and exchange themed blocks throughout the year.  That's what inspired the cupcake stitching.

Without further ado:

The colors in the PS one are pretty typical for me to stitch.  The cupcake one is "out of my box" but I love how bright and colorful this project is.  As small and easy as this one was, there sure was a lot of color changes...a few stitches of this, a few stitches of that, etc.

I just started a new model for LHN so can't show that until it's released but I also started another themed block.  I chose an old PS freebie for the garden flower theme:

I also just barely started Quaker Gone Tropic (another sal I'm in) by Michelle Ink only I'm using colors from Ink Circles' Hawaiian Mandal Sampler.  I'd like to stitch both and liked the brighter colors better.  Reminds me of all the bright flowers we saw in HI.  (I'm SO ready to go back but who knows when we ever will get to go.)

In the "patting myself on the back" file, my walking buddy and I completed our whole 5 days' walking by doing 4 1/2 miles all 5 days this week.  (We'd increased our distance from 3 miles to 4 1/2 but b/c of either weather or scheduling reasons this is the first week we've gotten to do all 5 days with the increased distance.)  Don't be too impressed.  It's flat as a pancake here so not a big physical challenge.  lol!

Busy but fun week coming up.  Today's baking day for me to prepare for tomorrow's band activities.  I'm working in the Judges' Hospitality Room setting up this afternoon and then being there all day tomorrow.  We'll be dining on chili at the chili supper tomorrow evening followed by a band concert.  After that's over, I'll get DS and me prepared for the band trip to Disneyworld. 

Thanks for reading my blog and I hope everyone has a fantaastic weekend!


cucki said...

hello dear, i love yours stitching so much..beautiful finish..and cup cake is so yummy looking..
cute wip..
have a lovely weekend..
hugs cucki xx

Siobhán said...

Hey, I'm impressed with the walking! I need to get back out there and increase my stamina again. My daughter & I were walking for an hour each day through hilly woodlands during the summer and now that she's back at school I'm doing nada, zip, zilch. LOL

Your stitching looks great! Congratulations on the finishes!

Rita said...

Thanks to both of you commetning on my stitching and thanks, Siobhan, for being impressed by my walking. lol! Don't's flat as a pancake here. I can walk forever on a flat plane but have issues with hills. (Although I must say that I tolerated those hills in the San Fran area better last Dec. than I had in the past when I wasn't walking here as much.)

I find that I'm much more faithful to my daily walks b/c I have a walking buddy waiting for me to show up every am. Otherwise, I'd "bag off" a lot more than I do. My walking buddy says the same thing about being accountable to me.

Neither of us enjoyed the walk this am. It's warmer than it should be, too humid, and the skeeters were out. Not fair in January! lol!