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Friday, January 20, 2012

Finally Friday!

I love Monday holidays!  I seem to "pay" for them though b/c I spend the rest of the week "discombobulated" and SO ready for the weekend.  lol!

One of the reasons I'm feeling tired is I had to be out 3 evenings this week, 2 meetings and a (longer than usual for some reason) choir practice...or maybe it's b/c of the cloudy skies we've had this week.

 I'm (figure)heading a team that is busy planning a hospitality room (breakfast, gallons of coffee, lunch, drinks, and snacks) for the judges of the upcoming (next week) band solo/ensemble contest that our band hosts.  It's a good team and I anticipate that our part will go smoothly.

My walking buddy and I took 4 4 1/2 mile walks and 1 3-miler this week.  We're becoming addicted;  I really miss it when we can't walk for whatever reason.  We'd been doing 3 milers for quite some time and decided that after the holidays we'd increase our mileage.  We both agree that aside from the extra time it takes, we're glad to be walking more.  It's so flat here, it's not much of a challenge.  lol!  This week's weather fluctuated a bit.  We had a couple of mornings where we bundled up in layers and then a few more mornings where we worked up a sweat and swatted skeeters.

It's going to be a busy few weeks!  In addition to the contest next Sat., the band also holds it's chili supper fundraiser (including a silent auction).  During the supper, serveral of the jazz bands play and we wrap up the evening with a band concert.  Shortly after that is the Disney trip, and the weekend after that is the Belled Dance.  (DS was invited last Sat. via a cake-gram.)

I've been stitching mostly on LHN's Family Sampler and PS Woodland Santa this week.  I put a few stitches in Quaker Gone Tropic but not enough for a picture yet.  I seem to be on the home stretch of the PS so maybe I'll have a finish pic next time.  (or maybe not.....I will probably have another model to work on next week too.)

Thank you all for reading my posts and for the nice comments.


BeckySC said...

Did I tell you how MUCH I like your header pic! It's WONDERFUL :)
Your stitching is looking lovely!
Enjoy the weekend!

cucki said...

yup..your stitching is so sweet..
sending you big hugs xx

Mouse said...

goshhh you are going to be busy the cake o gram .... and well done on the walking :)and lovely stitching as always:) love mouse xxxxx

Shari said...

you sure do keep busy Rita!!!
enjoy your last one's high school days...
the stitching looks great...
love the horse in the bottom one

Susan said...

I love both of the pieces you are working on, Rita.

You sure have a busy few weeks coming up - it sounds a little like my life!

Siobhán said...

Your stitching is so nice, Rita! It sounds like a busy time coming up for you. That cake o-gram is such a neat idea! My son is asking his date to the grad dance today. He has three girls that have had friends come up & say he wants to go with them, and I'm so proud of him that he chose the girl that would have the least amount of people to choose from to go with if he didn't ask. Phew!

Margaret said...

Your stitching is wonderful! And wow, the header! I'm so glad I found the post about it. I love it! Just gorgeous! Hope your busy time is enjoyable! Thanks for commenting on my blog!

Pumpkin said...

I've never heard of a cake-gram before! Cool :o)

Your stitching is beautiful Rita.

Rita said...

Thanks for all the nice comments.

Siobhan, what a sweet story about your son!