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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Short update

I'm working on a model this week so I can't share about that.

It was another busy week working with DS's marching band.  What a great group of "kids", band directors, and other adult volunteers!


Shari said...

the band looks big!!! I miss those days....wish I were closer..I would come & watch!

Mouse said...

looks sooo much fun :) and you are a tease .. new model :) love mouse xxxx

Joyce Clark Frank said...

Agood looking band. Know you are proud of them.

Rita said...

Thanks! There are 274 or so kids in the band...and I and some other volunteers were talking the other day about how we think they're ALL our kids. (We're very protective of them, lol!)

This Saturday is our first marching contest. October will be a blur with contests every weekend in addition to marching football games. Fun but exhausting! lol!

Margaret said...

That is so much fun! It's always so great to see one's child evolve into an active member of a group like that, isn't it?

Pumpkin said...

Wow! That's quite a big band!