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Friday, May 20, 2011

May Mayhem winding down

End of the School Year activities are winding down.  Saturday I attended Tony's gf's senior piano recital (wonderful!) and Tony's recital the follwoing day.  I'm amazed by the kids' talent but even more blown away that they play these challenging pieces by memory.

I took a few pics of T at the piano after the recital.

I worked the final marching band boot camp Tuesday night and missed the NCIS season finale. Thank goodness for On Demand!

Last night was Band-o-Rama where all the bands from 6th grade through HS play some fun music.  Some of them include costumes and kids (and directors) hamming it up.  T's band played La Cucarrcho;  many of the kids wore Mexican hats, etc., some bug antennae (including T), and the director wore a cockroach costume.  Towards the end of the piece one of the kids chased him and sprayed him with "bug spray" and the director fell on his back and started waving his "legs" in the air as he "died".  Cute!

Other excitement for the week was that we had our roof replaced.  No leaks yet but it's time.  It's hard writing out that check and I can't excitedly tell friends to drive by to admire the new roof but it feels good to have this done, esp. before hurricane season.

Hopefully T finishes up his Eagle project Sat.

On the stitching front, I'm working on a model so not much personal stitching.  I did get a bit done in my Novalee and Beds of Roses pieces.  I'm itching to start CCN's Red, White, and Bloom but I need to finish something first and gather up the materials.

Until next time, Happy Stitching!


Mouse said...

ooo the recital sounded fun :0 and your pieces look lovely so far :) love mouse xxxx

Renee said...

I heard Tony's recital on facebook and it was AMAZING!! He is very talented!!! The band-o-rama sounds like it was such a blast!! Your stitching it coming along great!!!!

Shari said...

busy times at your home...congrats to T on his recital...
your stitching looks great....I saw that there was a SAL coming up for the Red white & bloom, but I won't be doing it, since I don't have the pattern!

Jackie said...

Hi Rita dear. How are you? I enjoyed reading about your son's recitals. I think as parents we watch their growth and stand so proudly at these recitals:-) Also enjoyed the bug spray deal. LOL.
I so want to start Bed of Roses and Red, white and bloom, but I have too many pending stuff to do. For now I will settle on seeing your Bed of Roses progress; and that will be good enough for me.
TFS dear.

Pumpkin said...

I see you're still neck deep in band functions! LOL!

Another model or is this still the same one? Your WIPs look great.