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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day out there to all the mothers and children of wonderful mothers.

Sorry I haven't posted in a while.  It's been rather busy around here with the end of the school year activities mounting up.  I accompanied my DS's band on their spring trip to Dallas last week.  The kids performed in a concert competition in a wonderful concert hall (smoked the competition).  The hall was gorgeous and the acoustics were fantastic.  In no particular order, we enjoyed dinner and some jousting at Midieval Nights (some of the girls---both teens and moms--swooned over some of the cute knights), dined at Hard Rock Cafe and had a rocking breakfast at House of Blues, toured the JFK (6th Floor) Museum, rode some roller coasters at Six Flags, and had a behind the scenes tour at Cowboy Stadium culminating with the kids being able to play some football and throw frisbees on the field.  Unfortunately one of our kids came down wrong on his ankle so we had an unscheduled visit by the EMS who took him to get checked out.  He's ok and now has quite a story to tell about his experience.

The weekend was cold and rainy and I couldn't yell at the kids for forgetting to pack/wear their jackets b/c guess who forgot to pack hers too.  lol!  Do you know how hard it is to find a hoodie at a TX amusement park?  Slim pickin's!  That's why DS and I have matching hoodies.  Poor kid!  I tried not to hang with him too much with our mother/son hoodies.  He was a good sport, though.  And...since another DS attends UT, these will come in handy another time.

The first band Boot Camp was Tuesday (I work those helping monitor the kids, pass out tyelnol, ice bags, etc. if needed, and directing traffic (so parents don't drive on the portion of the parking lot that serves as the "field".  That same night, our DS was initiated into National Honor Society.

My throat started hurting on the trip and I just couldn't seem to get my energy level back up.  Turns out I had a horrible cold or flu that really knocked me off my feet.  I'm feeling a lot better now but still pretty low-energy.  (I couldn't stitch for most of the week which is a big indication of how bad I felt.)

DS's band banquet was Friday night.  It's so convenient that he can drive himself to things like that now.  It would have been a golden opportunity for DH and me to go out to dinner but I only had an appetite for a bowl of soup.

This weekend DS and DH (and some other friendly Boy Scouts and a Scout dad) have been working on his Eagle project.  He's replacing 2 footbridges (feetbridge?) at a local Bird Observatory.  They ran into a glitch yesterday but have figured it out and got the frame for one of the bridges cemented in this afternoon.  I'd taken pizza over to "the crew" yesterday and lost my reading glasses.  I thought they were just gone but today DS found them for me.  He's joking that finding them is my mother's day gift.  Speaking of gifts....I've been offered a smart phone if I want it.  Since it's not really a necessity, I'm mulling over if I really want the extra montlhy fee on our phone plan...but I'm leaning towards getting it.

I've been stitching a bit the last couple of days...working more on my bap sampler and also started a seasonal sal piece where you get the next part by emailing a pic of the finished part to the designer.  I also started a sampler called Bed of Roses which is monochrome.  I'm using GAST Faded Roses for that one.

DS #2 has finals this coming week at college (and has a cold, darn it).  Potentially he could be home for the summer by next Sunday.  (Which means I have to clean my stuff out of his room this week.)

I hope to get time soon to "redecorate" my blog and maybe post some stitching progress pics.


Babs in Alabama said...

first the prom, then the band trip. I remember those days although not the band stuff. Sounds like you're better now; enjoyed the pics and can't wait to see Bed of Roses.

Mouse said...

ooo you have been busy .... and no wonder you got sick not having a hoodie till after it got cold :( My days are still full with being "mums Taxi " ... and I haven't got much stitching done this week either ... looking forward to seeing your bed of roses :) love mouse xxxx