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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Not much stitching time this week

DS's high school marching band camp started Monday. Since I volunteer there every day, my stitching time has been much impacted. lol!

It's been unbearably hot and humid but the kids have been tolerating it as well as expected. Part of my "job" is to help them cool down, make sure they have plenty of replacement water for their camelbacks (which we've required this year...I think they're being able to nearly constantly sip water has made a big difference in how they tolerate the heat.)

To add to my decreased stitching time, a woman backed out of her parking place and hit my minivan on the driver's side. I clearly had the right of way and she's not trying to deflect blame but it will be a hassle (and consume more of my time) getting the repairs done. We're blessed that nobody was hurt so I'm trying to stay positive about it.

I managed to finish stitching a LHN ornament called Red House in Winter. I love the color of the house on this design.

Did I mention that it's really hot here? lol!


Sherre said...

Is it hot there? LOL! It's hot here, too! Miserably hot. Your ornament is really lovely--I so love the color of the house, too! Now I must move this one up in my stitching stack!

Scattered Threads said...

Your LHN ornament turned out very nice. It is hot as heck here in West Texas too. Hope all fair well for you with the accident.

Rita said...

Thanks, Sherre and Jackie.

lol! I know both of you KNOW hot weather too.

I'm still driving the rental. We're hoping to get my minivan back by Wednesday.