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Monday, August 30, 2010

It's marching band season not stitching season

It's not cooking or cleaning season either. lol!

Part of me thinks I'm getting too old for this....volunteering nearly every day with DS's marching band.....doling out lots of TLC, band aids, ice bags, lugging water coolers out to the practice field, riding the hot "yellow dogs" (school buses), climbing up and down the bleachers during games, staying out way past my bedtime on those long away game nights, etc.

But.........I love these kids and am always amazed at what the directors can get them to acheive. Too soon our youngest will graduate from high school and this will all be a memory. Plenty of stitching time after that.

I did manage to finish the stitching on a couple of small pieces, Trilogy's Friendship (still needs a button or a charm) and some pinecones by Prarie Schooler.


requilt said...

Rita, you have another great choice for the Bride's Tree SAL. I really enjoy seeing your work.
Rita E in AZ

Rita said...

Thank you, Rita. I'm having fun with this sal.....finding a fish I liked was the most challenging one so far.