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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Couple of small finishes to share

I can always tell when the end of the school year is here because of the increased activities.

We had the first marching band boot camp Tuesday evening (I always "work" those.), a concert tonight, and Tony's going for an overnight band event Friday/Sat for which I'll have to help him prepare. I'm also on a committee for a band Legacy event (to honor past and present band directors and students) that's coming up next month so we're busy planning that.

Despite all the running around I was able to complete these two little pieces. One is a penquin freebie I stitched for a block exchange for STO (an online stitching group) designed by Stitchy Kitty. I'm not a penguin person nor a pink person but I really enjoyed stitching this little guy.

The other is an ornament by Little House Needleworks, part of an ornament series Diane is designing this year. There's a blog devoted to these that I've joined too. It's fun to see everyone's interpretations of the ornaments.

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Julie said...

Love them both! Great job Rita!