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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Favorite sampler?

Do you have a favorite sampler? I realize that's like asking if you have a favorite child. lol!

Here's one of my favorites, Namesake Sampler. I love it for several reasons...first I think it's a great design. The designer is one of my stitching friends, Debbie from My Big Toe Designs. I also love it because of the family initials and our anniversary date "hidden" in the midst of the alphabets. I even remember putting it away for a while and another stitching buddy just told me to finish it already (not in so many words, but I needed a "push"). :-)

I still enjoy pausing for a look when I walk past where it's hanging.
Sorry for the flash. I'm a better stithcer than photographer.

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Renee said...

I wasn't even "into" samplers until I met you! I have seen this piece in person and it is GORGEOUS!!!! I even had Debbie design one for me! That design is one of my stitching goals for one of these years!