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Sunday, October 8, 2017

I'm Baaaaack!!

I arrived home last Tuesday night from what was supposed to be a 2 week trip that turned into a 3 week trip.  The first week went well...I visited my daughter's family (CA) and helped with my 18- month-old granddaughter.  I even had her to myself for a weekend while my daughter and son-in-law went backpacking.  The "baby" loves outings and is very social so I took her to a little farm with a train to ride and a petting zoo.  We really enjoyed that outing.

My next stop was to visit with my parents in OH.  Things started going badly when the room I prepaid/reserved (because I had a late flight and a 2+ hour drive after landing) wasn't honored.  Not only that but they didn't find me another place to stay as is what they were supposed to do.  So there I was late at night with nowhere to stay.  I called Booking dot com with whom we made the reservations (it wasn't their fault but the fault of the local motel) and, since the person with whom I spoke wasn't familiar with the area, I pretty much had to tell her what part of town to look for another room.  Long story short (another 25 minute drive with my friend "Google Maps" leading the way along roads under construction), I finally got checked into my room.  I was so keyed up by then that the last time I looked at the clock before falling asleep, it was after 3 am.

(I put DH on the job of complaining to the corporate office of  (what we used to think was a good quality chain) because not only had I prepaid the reservation but also we'd informed them that afternoon that I'd be checking in late to which they responded that they'd be holding my room.  It took several attempts before finally someone there finally accepted responsibility that they'd (both the local motel and then corporate) screwed up.  (Maybe it was the fact that I told them I would be posting my experience on social media and would name names.)  They apologized and gave me a free stay for  another I'd trust them and make another reservation with them every again.  Grrrr!!!

I finally made it to my parents' house and got sick a couple days later.  Then my mom got sicker but didn't want to go get checked out.  The night before I was to return home, she got so much worse that we had to take her to the ER.  I decided to stay longer until she was feeling better and I'm so glad I did.  (She's doing significantly better now.)

I booked my new flight home to correspond with DH's return from a business trip so we could meet up at the airport and drive home together.  My adventure wasn't over yet.  Apparently there was some weather in Dallas (where I was to change planes) and we circled Dallas for over an hour before landing.  I knew I was late for my connecting flight but then reasoned that if we couldn't land, my next flight probably couldn't take off.  I was right but I still had to sprint from one end of the terminal to the other to get to my gate on time.

After all the pleasant travel from summer 2016, the averages caught up with me on this trip.  lol!  (I'm almost scared for the next trip!)

Stitching....while I was gone, Diane (Little House Needleworks) released a design that I model stitched for her...The Beatitudes.  I loved stitching this one so much that I was a little sad when I finished it.  I'll most likely stitch it again to keep.  Isn't it a beautiful design?!

I'm currently working on another model that I'm enjoying.

Happy stitching!

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