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Friday, February 19, 2016

Waiting for Baby, a Small Finish, and another WIP

Here's La D Da's Gabrielle Rose all ready except for our grandbaby's name/birth date:

It won't be long now until she's born!  We cannot wait to hold her!  Our son who lives in Denmark is planning his trip home to visit with her in CA and with us here.  He and I may also fly together to OH to visit with my parents while he's in the States.

I stitched this little guy for the Halloween Ornament sal group.  This month's theme is Mummies and Monsters so I chose "Frank" from Trilogy's Eekology leaflet.

I'm way behind on the LHN Calendar Girls but I at least started February.

I'm getting together with some stitching buddies tomorrow and I just might bake some more cranberry orange scones to take.  It's been a while since we've gotten together so I'm looking forward to it.

Happy stitching!


Stitcher S. said...

What a lovely birth sampler!

Cranberry orange scones sound wonderful. Is there a recipe you could recommend?

It's always great to visit your blog.

cucki said...

Beautiful sweetest stitching
Big hugs x

Rita said...

Thank you! Here's the scone recipe I use:

Melinda Forbes said...

Orange Cranberry Scones - my favorite...

Love little Frank - he is a great Monstor. La D Da's is beautiful