I only stitch on days that end in "y".

Friday, March 27, 2015

Busy Stitching

The model arrived safely to the designer.  That's always such a good feeling.

I stitched this house from Blackbird Designs' "In Full Glory" for a designer-themed block exchange for one of my groups.  (Next designer will be Lizzie Kate.)

I'm also making progress on Hetty Child:

......and here is  "Hoo Hoo" from one of the JCS ornament issues.  (I'm stitching from a working copy and misplaced the mag while decluttering earlier this week for a out of town friend's visit.)  This one if for an owl-themed block for the Halloween Ornament sal blog.  Almost finished!

As I mentioned, a friend we knew from our Michigan days was in town for work so we went out to dinner with him and then brought him here for some apple pie and Blue Bell ice cream.  It was great seeing him again;  none of us could remember the last time we saw each other.  Forgot to take any pictures.

You may remember the story about my friend's son who likes to fish on our lake.  After his last catch, he was able to report that he has 14 pounds of catfish (cleaned).  He's invited us to a fish fry this weekend.  I think I'll make some lemon bars to take.  (I don't like to eat fist so this will be interesting.)

After raining all day last Saturday causing the lake level to rise above our dock and onto the concrete bunker, we've had some beautiful spring days.  Except for part of yesterday when a brief thunderstorm came through.  This weekend is supposed to be beautiful too.

I'm reading another Longmire book.  I'm almost finished with the series and will miss Walt when I'm done.

Happy stitching!