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Friday, October 24, 2014

He Has a Head....even though it's this close to Halloween

PS Santa 2014

There's more to stitch but I might be putting this fella down for a while because my fabric arrived for La D Da's Wicked Witch which should be a fairly quick stitch.  I'm also expecting another model which will take over my stitching priority when it arrives.

Our DS leaves today for his trip back to Denmark.  He'll spend a night with our DD in San Francisco and leave Sat. from there.  He kept busy while here visiting with friends in the area.  While I was preparing dinner last night, I realized we hadn't taken any pictures so, with the pasta boiling on the stove, we went down by the lake and asked our neighbor to quickly snap a picture.  He hates to have his picture taken so we're lucky to even have this one.  lol!  Next time we see him (other than Skype) will be at our DD's wedding next May.  We're hoping to go see him in Denmark next summer.

Happy stitching!


cucki said...

great stitching
Hugs x

Shebafudge said...

Aww...he will have an amazing time in Denmark. I bet May won't come quick enough for you though. xx