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Sunday, December 8, 2013

I'm still alive! ;-)

Thanksgiving was all a blur, it went by so quickly.  We enjoyed having the fam here minus our DS who just moved to Denmark.  He called though and it was nice to hear from him.

We had our big dinner on that Friday and then drove to Austin, TX for the weekend.

It was our DD's BF's first ever visit to TX.  He's from Scotland (his mother is French) and he had a list of (stero)typical Texas things he wanted to experience.  We checked off quite a few.  He tried pecan pie topped with Blue Belle ice cream, was dragged taken to multiple Buc-ees (between Surfside Beach, here, and Austin), bought and tried some jerky, had authentic (and really good!) Texas BBQ, etc.  (I had him try Frito pie and Dr. Pepper cake last Christmas at a Texas BBQ place in Atlanta, of all places.)  On their last day here, we drove down to the beach so he could see some of the Gulf of Mexico.  (While there we saw a poor dolphin that had beached itself and hadn't survived.)  We teased him that by the end of his visit that he'd be wearing cowboy boots, a cowboy hat, a big belt buckle and start using the terms "fixin' to" and "y'all".

For some reason, I forgot to take pictures.  (I wonder if I can get them to fly back for a "do-over".)

On the stitching front....I finished and mailed out a model and am working on finishing another.  When I finish that one, I think I'll work on my CCN Silent Night wip.

I took my CHS 2000 Christmas Sampler for framing and it is already back home with me.  (I love my framer!!)  It's sitting on my mantel.

Happy stitching!


Catherine said...

Sounds like fun times sharing the fine Texas traditions! So, did he go home with boots and a hat? Your framed piece is beautiful ~ I love seeing pieces stitched in black ~ so stunning!

Rita said...

Not hat and boots this time but maybe the next. ;-)

Thanks re the XS piece. I first tired stitching with linen and just couldn't see the holes. This is on 18 ct. aida and I struggled at first. Once I got my rhythm going it was much easier...and makes me think maybe I should try it again on black linen someday.

I also enjoyed using the NPI the "look".

Rita said...


Andrea said...

Your framed piece is beautiful.

Joyce Clark Frank said...

It is always good to turn another non-Texas into a Texan. Love yours finished piece and the frame justs adds to it.

Anna van Schurman said...

Your Christmas Farm is lovely!

Brigitte said...

Christmas Farm is such a beautiful piece!

Rita said...

Thank you!