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Monday, November 12, 2012

More marching band winding down

Our last regular season home game was a busy night with it being band senior night, intermediate school  night (when we invite the intermediate school band to sit and play in the stands with our HS band), and, if that wasn't enough, I got to be guest band director for the night.

There was a short ceremony on the sideline at pregame when the seniors and their families were introduced.  (How could this be our last year??!!)  We have a tradition to have shirts made with a baby pic of our senior on one side and a current pic on the other.

 As the guest director, I was allowed to play "dress up" and "make believe".  I got to climb the tower in the practice field during run through, ride to the game with one of the band directors (instead of the yellow dog (school bus), got to direct some stand music, was introduced during half time, and got to watch the half time show from the top of the press box.  The kids and other volunteers had more surprises in store for me since this is my last year with the band.  I felt like a queen!  I love working with these wonderful students, directors, and other adults and, although will appreciate more time for myself in the late summer and fall from now on, I'll sure miss being with the band after this year.

Very early Tuesday am we boarded buses for our trip to the State (TX) marching final competition in San Antonio.  While the band didn't make finals, it was such an accomplishment for them to make it that far.  I'm so PROUD of our band students!

We spent the night in San Antonio and relaxed on the River Walk for a few hours before our trip back where we were welcomed home by a fire truck, a police escort, and lots of parents lining the roadside cheering and holding signs.

Buc Band Seniors of 2013

Most of the "roadies"...what wonderful people to work/play with!!

We have at least one play-off game before we finish marching season.  Then there's this coming weekend when, in addition to the game, we participate in our city's Festival of Lights.  DS's drum line will perform at noon on Sat. and the whole band will march in the parade that night.  After the parade we have a masquerade party in the band hall.  I always think it's funny that even though we spend so much time together working, that when we have some time off, we like to spend time with one another again.  I think it speaks volumes about this group of wonderful people.  GO BUC BAND!!!!

On the stitching front, I sat down yesterday and worked on a cute model for Nikki Leeman.  You Country Cottage Needlework fans will love it.  I hope to soon get back to more personal stitching and have some stitching pics to show.

If you got all the way through this, thanks for reading.


Joyce Clark Frank said...

What fun. It sounds like your last year as band volunteer will be a lot of fun. Cong on being the band director for a night.

cucki said...

Sound so much fun x

Melinda said...

Your post was awesome, how will you fill up your free time. Sending well wishes for you to make it through this time without too many tears.

You look great directing.

Siobhán said...

It sounds like such fun! I loved volunteering with my kids' school. It's so bittersweet to see that time come to an end.

Rita said...


This has become such a big part of my life and I sure will miss it! (I'll probably sneak over to help at some of the practices next year. lol!)