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Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday check-in

I finished a cute model for Country Cottage Needleworks.  Of course I can't show it but you CCN fans will love it.  Next I'll start a model for Little House Needleworks and it looks to be another "winner".   I really enjoy stitching for both these ladies;  I'm a big fan of their designs.

I finished a little freebie from, I believe tantes zolder.  I saw it stitched up and made into a little pillow finish on someone's blog.  I really wish I'd written down the blog addy to link you to it.  If anyone knows, feel free to send me the url.

I acquired the last of the needed Belle Soie for LHN's Elizabeth Hancock.  I'm hoping to start it soon.  What a beautiful design and beautiful silks!

There are some other wips that deserve some attention;  hopefully I'll get to them soon.

I took in one of my samplers to the framer this morning.  (LHN Virtue Sampler)  I even have a place picked out where it will hang.

This was my first week without my walking buddy...although she was in town Wednesday so we "did" lunch.  As much as I enjoy walking and how it makes me feel, I have an inner battle with myself just getting started every morning.  I managed to walk 4 days (3 -4 1/2 milers and 1- 3 miler).  I have to get accustomed to my "new normal".  Finding another walking buddy would be nice too;  I have my feelers out.  In addition to the motivation, my buddy and I joke that we manage to talk out and solve the world's problems while walking together.  If ONLY someone would take our advice! ;-)

Happy stitching!


Mrs. GraceWorks said...

Cute reindeer! Is this the pillow you were thinking of??

Jackie said...

Nice finish Rita.
Hope you find a walking buddy. A walking buddy helps to give a bit of motivation.
I look forward to seeing the new pieces from CCN and LHN.

Mouse said...

ooo can't wait to see the new goodies ... love the wee deer and I see someone has already given you the link .. phew don't have to try and find it again for me
and hope you find yourself a new walking buddy as you get strange looks when you start to talk to yourself hehehe
take care and happy stitching :) love mouse xxxxx

Rita said...

Thanks, everyone!

And, yes, that's the link! Thanks for that....I'll have to write it down now for when I actually finish it into a pillow.

Carol said...

Very cute finish, Rita :) Yes, that was my little pillow you saw finished up--glad you liked it! Good luck with yours!

Joy said...

Cute finish Rita!! I hope you find a new walking buddy soon & looking forward to seeing the secret goodies you are stitching!!