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Friday, December 2, 2011

Don't faint!

I'm actually updating my blog in a short time from my last entry.

I'm still working on the LHN model.  Hope to finish this weekend. 

I also "finished" 2 ornaments but can't show them until after the recipients recieve them...which will only happen after I take them to the PO to be mailed.  (I'm leaving to do that in a few minutes.)

I CAN show you something, though.  I took a little time off model stitching to start Shakespeare's Peddler "A Weary World", which I'm stitching over 2 with overdyed cottons on Wichelt 32 count lambswool linen.   Not much to show but at least a start.  I'm already enjoying stitching this one.  A sampler....go figure!  :-)

DS was recovering nicely from his minor surgery when he came down with a horrid stomach virus.  He missed 2 days of school, one more than he missed because of his surgery.  He felt well enough to trek to the surgeon's office yesterday afternoon for a wound check.  lol!  2 hours in the car for a 10 minute appointment.  It turned out to be a good thing, though.  He had cabin fever so bad that I think he enjoyed the outing.

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