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Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy Friday!

We've had some absolutely gorgeous weather here for the last few days.  I'm trying to drink it in because soon enough it will be way too hot and humid.  My walking buddy is out of town but I've managed to motivate myself to keep up my 3-mile walks this week except for one day when I was a slacker.

I've made progress this week on my Village Square Sampler.  I got the biggest part of the inner border finished as was overjoyed to see everything "met up" the way it was supposed to.  Hopefully it will turn out that way when I get the outer border stitched up.

I also stitched just a bit on ALTWL.  I'm devoting some time on Wednesdays to work on this one along with some stitching buddies who are working on the same project.  I've played around with the colors on this one just a bit.  I was a bit too tired to think much about counting so since I'm playing around with the idea of making the outline of the "boxes" in rows of red, white, and blue, I just worked on getting some of the boxes stitched.  The jury's still out about the colors of the boxes.  I hope to finalize a decision before many more are stitched...esp. if I decide to frog them out.

I saw a sampler on others' blogs last week that I instantly fell in love with.  I didn't have a chance....bought it the same day.  It's an antique repro called Marianne Wenn and available for purchase as a downloadable pdf from Needleprints...if I remember correctly on their blog.

I hope to soon be working on another model.  From the description from the designer, it sounds like I'm really going to like this one.

Until next time, happy stitching!


Renee said...

Your America WIP is coming along GREAT!!! I just love your Village Square Sampler too!!!

Mouse said...

ooo isn't it a relief when that happens ... oooo some model work ... lovely :) love mouse xxxx

Babs in Alabama said...

Love your Village Square piece and don't it feel good when it works out like it's supposed to?
Marianne Wenn found its way to my home too :)

Nancy in IL said...

Rita, your blog is always a treat to visit! I love, love, love the Village Square Sampler, and I've seen the Jean Farish "America" sampler in person - awesome! Needleprints' blog is drooling good. I just bought silks for a Sampler Girl Jane Austen sampler, and am contemplating a download on the Needleprints blog. You'd think I had a smoking needle and a long life left. Neither is the case.

I love that you do models and that we have that to look forward to - seeing the finishes you do.

Jackie said...

Hello Rita.
Thanks for visiting the ole blog darling and mostly for sharing your experience with me.
I've seen some of those samplers you mentioned and boy they sure are tempting. I will just settle for looking right now.
Thanks again for your visit.

Sharyn said...

Your Village Square Sampler is coming right along! And so is your America piece. Love your Happy Easter too!

Lynda said...

Your sampler is looking great! I am so tempted to get Marianne Wren as well...I saw it stitched on Teri's blog and fell in love with it.And your little bunny is adorable!

Margaret said...

OMG, I love the Village Square Sampler!!!! Looking good, as is your other sampler.

I was looking at your previous post too. How wonderful that your sons surprised your DH for his birthday! What a wonderful picture too! Happy belated birthday to him!

Le blog de marylin and poussy said...

your sampler is very beautiful

marylin FRANCE