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Friday, June 11, 2010

My stitching week in review

I've been working mostly on CCN's Liberty Lane this week. Thanks to help from my friends, Renee and Sherre, I've deepened the colors in the design. (I changed my mind on the greens after I stithced those little bits on the right side...I'll be frogging that out and replacing it.) It seems to be moving along despite it being a busy week (for some's out--I thought that meant I would be LESS busy!).

I had a great stitchy mail day yesterday. I'd bought some used charts from other stitchers' for sale albums and a bunch of them arrived yesterday along with my JCS and Cross Country stitching magazines. If that wasn't enough, the sampler I ordred from The Attic while we were in AZ in March arrived. It's Three Things by Moira Blackburn.

I've already got a wip of a bap sampler, Village Square (I'm probably not getting the name just right from memory).

I also started today a summer themed block for a block sal for one of my online stitching groups.

Someone please help me find time to stitch all this stuff! lol! At least I won't be bored.

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Renee said...

It's looking great Rita!!! I'm ready to start mine today!!!