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Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Living in Colorful Colorado

 Wow!  It's been "a minute" since I've posted to my blog!

We've moved from Gulf Coast TX to northern CO.  We're closer to family some family members (our last child in TX would like to move here as well), can enjoy the changing seasons, and enjoy the beauty that is Colorado.  Of course we miss our friends in TX but hope at least some of them will be able to visit.

It seems that I've turned into a hiker!  My co-mother-in-law and her women's hiking group adopted me even before we moved here and I've experienced some wonderful hikes.  It took a bit to acclimate to the altitude here and I've discovered that those hikes that require some climbing are worth the effort.  Glorious views up there!

I'm still stitching and have already discovered 2 LNS' near me.  After not having them anywhere close to me all those years in Texas, I really appreciate being able to drive about 1/2 hour to see things "in person".  I've been attending a weekly stitch group at Colorado Cross Stitcher and, between that group and the Colorado Needleworkers group (and our monthly stitching get together) have met lots of new stitchy friends.  I even ran across a stitcher who lives in our town and we've become friends.

I hope to not take as long before posting the next "installment".  In the meantime, I'll post a few pictures if I remember how. 

Happy stitching (and hiking)!


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Marilyn said...

You live in a gorgeous area Rita!
Great stitching too.